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The Academy Group

From the Exception to Exceptional

The Academy Group is a unique enterprise founded to realize the true potential of young people from underserved communities across the United States. Designed to tap into the deep well of overlooked talent that exists nationwide, the Academy Group empower youth to thrive in school, work and life.

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Academy Group Programs

We identify and invest in exceptional young people by supporting their academic journey from elementary school, through high school and college, and into professional careers.

The Academy Group offers top-tier academic programming designed to accelerate growth and support success in school and college, as well as immersive career training and personalized leadership development.

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Co-founded and led by respected educators Shayne Evans and Timothy Knowles, the Academy Group staff represent the very best combination of entrepreneurial educators and business leaders.

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Academy Group Companies & Partners

The Academy Group is built on a sustainable business model that aligns the commercial and social sectors.

We take an ownership stake in a diverse portfolio of commercial companies. The earned revenues from these investments fund our education programs while Academy Group Companies provide apprenticeship opportunities for students in high school and college, and guarantee employment to Academy Group graduates.

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