Job  Description & Requirements


The lead learning designer is an instrumental member of the Academy team. The lead learning designer provides curriculum support and guidance to Academy part-time staff members. The lead learning designer engages in a range of effective and engaging pedagogical approaches and serves as a model practitioner. The lead designer reports to the Director of Academics.

The lead learning designer classroom is on display and functions as a demonstration lab for part-time learning designers. Where applicable, the lead learning designer provides virtual individual or small group tutoring. In addition, the lead learning designer engages in collaborative discourse and planning around students’ academic needs – as informed by multiple data points. Success will require a deep expertise in curriculum design and best-instructional practices; along with the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of professionals.

The lead learning designer’s approach to work should reflect the core values and habits of the Academy staff: tireless focus on excellence, determination in spite of obstacles, impeccable integrity, willingness to work hard, ability to learn from multiple sources, relentless focus on results, constant reflection and self-awareness, zest, social intelligence, and pertinacity.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop core program curriculum frameworks; Support part-time curriculum writers in course curriculum development process
Coordinate and support the part-time learning designers with curriculum materials and related program materials
Gather and analyze program and students’ academic data
Develop program reports and facilitate data analysis cycles
Provide virtual tutoring and academic support to affiliate students
Facilitate Saturday program and Summer program business and/or justice course
Support Saturday program logistics
Collaborate with full-time and part-time team members on the cognitive and noncognitive needs of students

Additional shared accountabilities/duties
Build agency and belief in Academy students
Promote individual student success
Communicate with student, families and the Academy team regarding student progress
Support with the collection of students’ report cards

Education and experience requirements of the ideal candidate:

Bachelor’s degree; Master’s in education or related field preferred
Minimum of 3 years of teaching experience
Minimum of 2 years of teacher-leadership experience
Successful experience serving African American and Latino students

Additionally, the Lead Learning Designer will have a proven track record demonstrating the following capabilities:

Understanding of current trends and best practices in education and curriculum development
Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills
Ability to work effectively in collaboration with a diverse groups of people
Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-focus, and autonomous nature
Knowledge of current community challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the organization
Ability to work under dynamic, evolving conditions


This position will be based in Chicago.


The Academy offers competitive benefits and salary for this role. aligned to senior administrative staff of a top tier education program.

To Apply

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