Elementary School Advisor

Our Mission

Fueled by the belief that talent is ubiquitous, the Academy Group unlocks opportunity for young people from the most resilient communities to realize their full potential.

Program Model

The Academy Group is a fourteen-year journey that develops students’ core understanding of wealth creation, business, leadership, and justice topics. We accept rising fourth-grade and tenth-grade students. Their journey begins with summer and school year programming that includes experiential learning, high school, college and career awareness. Also, the students have access to academic acceleration and differentiated enrichment experiences.

The Academy Group Elementary School Advisor Summary

The Elementary School Advisor is an instrumental member of the Academy team. The advisor provides highly individualized, small and large group support to Academy students as they progress from 4th grade through college.  The advisor  engages with students, families, school partners, Academy team and others to ensure every student experiences exceptional social, emotional and academic support, and builds the agency and belief to excel in school, work and life.

The advisor is assigned a caseload of students and are responsible for executing the Academy advisory structure and pedagogy and working in close partnership with the Lead Advisor to ensure every Academy student receives support necessary to succeed. The advisor reports to the Lead Advisor.

Success will require deep knowledge of advising systems and student development; leadership aptitude and ability to harness the assets of diverse teammates; consciousness of social justice and systemic inequity; willingness to create and modify programming based on evidence, new ideas, and individual student needs; incorporating empathy and trauma informed interventions within programs and structures; and always being authentic.

The Advisor’s approach to work should reflect the core values and habits of the Academy staff: tireless focus on excellence, determination in spite of obstacles, impeccable integrity, willingness to work hard, ability to learn from multiple sources, relentless focus on results, constant reflection and self-awareness, zest, social intelligence, and pertinacity.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Define and focus the advising program based on the academic, attendance and socio-emotional data
  • Provide direct student services through instruction, appraisal and advisement, and advising
  • Execute highly individualized advising support for a cohort of elementary school students third-grade with key goals and adjustments to levers of support, based on evidence of effectiveness and individual student needs
  • Provide support and indirect student services through consultation, collaboration, and referrals.
  • Instill a culture of intensive individualized support, rapid response to issues as they arise, and tracking and responding to all aspects of student growth and development
  • Practice and promote asset-based thinking with students, among staff and families
  • Support a culture of academic and personal excellence by working with colleagues to develop and reinforce a culture grounded in pertinacity

Additional shared accountabilities/duties

  • Build agency and belief in Academy students
  • Promote individual student success
  • Communicate with student, families and the Academy team regarding student progress
  • Coordinate student advising meetings
  • Collect and record students’ report card data

Education and experience requirements of the ideal candidate

  • Bachelor’s degree; Master’s in school counseling or related field preferred
  • Minimum of 3 years advising or counseling experience
  • Successful experience serving African American and Latino students

Additionally, the Advisor will have a proven track record demonstrating the following capabilities

  • Understanding of current trends and best practices in education and professional school counseling
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with a diverse groups of people
  • Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-focus, and autonomous nature
  • Knowledge of current community challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the organization
  • Ability to work under dynamic, evolving conditions


This position will be based in Chicago.


The Academy offers competitive benefits and salary for this role. aligned to senior administrative staff of a top tier education program.

To Apply

Send your resume to gjones@theacademygroup.com