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Rise Above

We believe that talent is ubiquitous and that all our students will rise to the leadership class. Academy Group graduates are defined by being:


  • Leadership Ready

    Trail tested, able to analyze with precision, solve problems effectively, communicate & collaborate with ease and lead with integrity.

  • Achievers

    High performers who manifest excellence and agency at every turn and seek opportunities to demonstrate and refine their skills.

  • Learners for Life

    Curious, independent, and disciplined learners seeking new knowledge, mastery and understanding at every turn.

  • Pathfinders

    Drivers who push for goals with a positive sense of self, have clear understanding of the talents that they and their teams possess, forge their own way unafraid to explore new paths, and invent new things.

  • Change Agents

    Action takers who disrupt injustice, bring positive change to their own lives, our communities and the world.

The Academy Group instills five habits of mind that are the basis for professional success:

  • ZEST

Joining the Academy Group

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Joining the Academy Group